A Groom’s stress free guide to Wedding Planing.

Daunting isn’t it?

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After your many attempts of trying to propose in the right moment and setting, she finally said YES! But let’s be honest most of our other half’s would of said yes, even if you decided to propose
In a more public setting, or in your favourite hang out spot!When things like this happen you start realise the finer details for a Wedding don’t matter, or do they?

Don’t think you can get away lightly after that perfect proposal!
That you will only be deputising yourself into only organising the wedding favours for your fellow grooms men and choosing the wedding cars!

And on the subject of cars, my personal taste for weddings is a classic British number! Don’t bother with a Ferrari or your mates Audi! Anyone can drive those generic things! Think creative, think awesome!

So this lands me to the point I’m making. It’s so important to have an input to your big day guys! It’s about both of you! You’re both getting married after all!

One of the biggest mistakes I made was not getting involved enough with the finer details. Being in the wedding industry and having the opportunity to be part of people’s special days has opened my eyes wide open.

There was so many things I could of done differently, if I just spent a bit more time thinking out of the box, instead of following normal wedding etiquette!

So these are things I think you should consider inputting to your wedding and how you can help your lovely bride! Since after all you now have a one way ticket to be biggest day of your life!

Wedding theme’s

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Now for most men, they wouldn’t know where to start on this one, let alone wanting to stamp on the brides feet. Due to fact most brides have already come up with the theme, Pinterest account, flow theme, inspiration board, WhatsApp group and having been talking about it since there were eleven years of age!

Needless to say your Star Wars themed wedding will probably be chucked out the window, and you won’t be able to dress your best man Rob as Chewbacca or the rest of the lads as storm Troopers.

So yes level compromise is a must! But this doesn’t mean both influences can’t integrate! What it comes down to is the little details. In the wedding game these days, you can almost anything bespoke to you and your bride.

Yes it will cost more money. But how cool would it be if you got the grooms those storm trooper pint glasses or personalise those cuff links, handkerchiefs, shoes, I’ve even seen grooms men have they’re own beer brewed for them! You can see probably see the angle I’m taking with this one!

It’s all about having both your personality’s reflected in the day. Since this a celebration of both you. Don’t hold back, just pass it by the other half though just to make sure.


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Outfits for many Grooms men is a difficult one. For most men. They would only would of bought suits for work or a certain occasion. I always say to most grooms men, you’re only going to wear this suit once. Unless you want to wear your wedding suit to work go for it!

That doesn’t mean it has to be something Too Jazzy like an orange tuxedo or all white which is just weird really. It’s more about the finer details. Think about the season your getting married in, location, temperature, colour scheme. Put these in consideration and you shouldn’t go wrong!

Think more about pattern, design and textures of the suit, and how you can integrate that into the finer details, what shoes you wearing, what cufflinks you want, how can you personalise those details, do they reflect your personality? How would you look along side your bride and your grooms party?

You want to accessorise accordingly, just don’t look like Del Boy or a hooky Jewellery dealer. Unless that’s your bag then go for it! Go nuts!

Wedding cars

Wedding cars is an interesting one. For most people they usually get this right. However, There are always those exceptions out there! First things first.

Most brides that are usually near to the wedding venue or are staying in a hotel. Won’t usually bother with a wedding car. This is because it’s near and they’ll just grab a lift with the parents or the bridal party! Don’t do it!

Remember this is her awesome day too! Even if you don’t tell her book that wedding car even if it is a short journey! Every element of the day should be special and she would love it trust me.

It’s just adds to the whole theme of that day! So don’t worry about borrowing your mate’s Base specification German car or the works passenger van! Think cool but tasteful.

There loads of options out there from desirable classics, eccentric vehicles, even horse and cart if she’s digs it! Prices are competitive too even for short usage so shop around! You won’t regret it and she’ll love it!


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I can go on about this forever but I follow by this simple rule. Don’t follow normal wedding etiquette on this one! Don’t bother with the silly one liners and best man jokes. Be tactical and use your sense of humour tastefully and it doesn’t have to be a life story. Everyone there knows and already loves you! Just remember that! Push yourself out of comfort zone and not only surprise your new wife, surprise everyone else in the room!


Couple getting married in Surrey UK

This is one area in my own wedding I deeply regret not paying enough attention to. After being to so many weddings now. I cannot emphasise the importance of this. Now before I go any further, this doesn’t mean you have to splash out. Just think what you can in the day and how the incorporates to your theme!

In terms of entertainment in the day, you can have anything from bands playing your favourite tunes to an acoustic solo set, classic pianist, jazz group. The list is endless.

I would also try to surprise your guests and your new
Bride on the big day by some surprise entertainment. Think singing waiters, surprise performances, even give you and the grooms party a go at a Take That song, may be skip that last one! Unless you were once actively part of a nineties pop band!

Think carefully how you can engage with everyone on the day, since this will most certainly help new members of each family integrate and rejoice in the occasion.

Don’t miss out on your big day, be a part of it as much as you’re bride, and she will love you for it!

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