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Five tips on getting the most out of bridal prep photos

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I love photographing bridal prep.

There is no feeling like it on the morning of your wedding. Excitement, mixed with nerves, also its an amazing excuse to pop the champagne at 9am, no one is judging here its your bridal prep, you do you! 

Think about it, you have been planning this day for a long time, you have every place name, fork, knife and menu sorted. BUT bridal prep is probably one of the last things to cross your mind, right? 

This is normal, you spend the whole planning process coordinating how the day will turn out and a lot of brides forget that the day starts from the moment they wake up! Don’t worry, I have got you covered. Below I am sharing five key tips to help you with bridal prep and how to achieve that calm wedding morning atmosphere.


Simple, are you getting ready in a hotel or at home? How many of you will there be? Whilst these seem obvious it all comes down to space. Make sure you have an area where you can get ready and clutter Is limited! This is also key for when we are taking bridal prep photos as we want your images to focus on you and the party, not Laura’s clothes sprawled on the floor from last night (sorry Laura but pick those up!).


Make sure you fuel up on all food before you sprint down the aisle. Nerves may get the better of you and supress your appetite, or if you’re like me you tend to eat more! Get your maid of honour, mum or one of the bridesmaids to arrange breakfast in the morning for you all. This is also a lovely time to exchange any gifts you all my have or momento’s for the day. Remember now its time to line those tummies for all the bubbles you will be drinking!


Can’t stress this point enough. Last thing you want on your wedding morning is to be rushing around! Leave plenty of time for hair, make up and getting into your dress. You want to enjoy every moment. I learnt this from first hand experience, rushing out of the door after running late and getting half way down the road to realise I left my bouquet on the bed! 


After all today is about you (and of course the groom!), plan some time to have some bridal portraits done. Feeling self conscious being in-front of the camera? Don’t worry this is completely normal, its my job to make you feel comfortable, hopefully we would of broken this barrier down come the day of the wedding! But I can assure you, you are going to look breath taking and I want you to have photos that you will look back on forever and cherish. It’s also the perfect way to feel how you look on the morning of your wedding, which is BEAUTIFUL!


I love a group shot, not just the ones with family. Bridal prep is the perfect opportunity to have some photos taken with your girls! Get as creative as you want, remember your photos represent your life and tribe!

Keeping creative as a Photographer in Lockdown

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Keeping creative as a Photographer in Lockdown..

It’s tough, but not impossible!

Things are hard right now. You’re stuck between the four walls of your own home, you’ve made banana bread six times, you’re up to date on your life admin and your house is so clean it would make the likes of Mr Muscle cry in disbelief!

But the creative side of our brain is also being put under huge strain, we’re still so limited to what we can do. Your not going to get much artistic influence whilst in a queue to buy food or going to work, but only if it’s safe to do so, and only on a Tuesday when it’s seventeen degrees outside with a north westerly wind. *Cheers Boris*.

As a photographer I’ve been trying to do so many things to feed my artistic flare, taking photos of all sorts, from doing self portraits to taking photos of products for small businesses in the comfort of my own home.

But then I came across something, which has been so enjoyable for me, if anything I wish I started it earlier, and I get to meet new people besides just talking to the cat all day!

FaceTime photo shoots

For the past weeks I’ve been doing FaceTime shoots with people from the comfort of there own home. Using a number of different influences, clothing and backgrounds. My inspiration came from the wonderful Tim Dunk! It has been so enjoyable, the ideas coming through for new clients have been endless, it has definitely released some of the tension of everyday life. Whilst being able to still something to people in this very odd time.

£5 to for each virtual shoot is going to the domestic violence charity IDAS. So far it has been an amazing experience photographing people virtually, different of course, but it’s been a joy!

Things to bear in mind if you are doing a FaceTime Photoshoot
  • You both must have good wifi connection
  • Make sure there is plenty of good light
  • The images will be grainy, theres no avoiding this! Adds to the feel of the photos though!
  • Remember its hard for people to feel comfortable infront of the camera at the best of times, virtually is no different, so keep your client at ease, maybe include a cuppa and natter throughout!
  • Everything is mirrored which can be difficult when asking people to move slightly left or right!

Five minutes with LouPaper

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Welcome back my lovelies!

Hopefully, you have been enjoying my collaboration series of blogging, where I get the opportunity to interview my favourite suppliers across the industry. Giving them the opportunity to share their views, back stories and for us to divulge and learn something new.

So, you’re planning a wedding..

The guest list is ready, the theme is set so, whats left? To notify the guests! The one thing I regret is not investing in a wedding stationer to create some beautiful invites and a table plan. There is so many epic ways you can add personalised touches to your day with the use of stationery!

Today, is all about Louise Ralphs who runs LouPaper. Lou is a wedding stationery designer, a bloody good one as a matter of fact!

I have worked with LouPaper on a number of occasions. We have even shared a cocktail or two over good food. LouPaper is force to be reckoned with in the industry and has created a beautiful, respected brand. Lets find out where it all started!

Five minutes with Louise – LouPaper

When did you start your business and what was your background previously?

I founded LouPaper back in 2015, merging my degree in graphic design with over a decade of experience in the wedding industry. Starting with designing for friends and colleagues, the business grew and I went full time last year. My wedding journey started at the age of 15, when I worked as a Saturday girl in a local wedding shop and I’ve loved weddings ever since!

What inspired you to work within the industry and create such beautiful stationery?

Weddings are such a big part of my life, having grown up being surrounded by them. I started out designing for people I knew and organically LouPaper grew through recommendations, and I’m now so privileged to be a small part of so many of my couple’s big day, and I love it!

Where do you get your inspiration from?

I find it so important to surround myself with inspiration, whether it’s from travels to far flung destinations, or interior design magazines, I’m inspired by colour, pattern and texture. Keeping an eye on emerging trends is key, finding new materials to print on and styles to work into my stationery keeps me excited by the designs I make.

When did you figure out what your signature style was?

After going to a calligraphy course 4 years ago, I knew that hand lettering was going to play a big part in my designs. All my calligraphy is totally bespoke with everything being written by hand. I get asked so much what font I use, but it’s just me and my handwriting. I adore how it brings quirks and personality to each of the designs I create.

Which colour pallets are you loving right now?

I love any palette that combines a bold colour with a soft neutral, I’m currently working on an emerald green and nude suite and it’s stunning! Also any design that includes a metallic, pleases the magpie in me, golds, rose golds and silvers, adding gorgeous shine!

Which piece of work are you most proud of to date?

It sounds cliché but I have to say my own wedding stationery, it was such a personal journey to go on and I’m lucky that my now husband is an artist so we created our stationery together, and it was every bit us as it could be. It also allowed me to experiment with different printing techniques and finishes so was also a learning process!

How do you keep motivated on a daily basis to keep creating?

I’m so lucky that I get to work with such wonderful clients, each bringing their own personality, theme and ideas to my design process. No stationery is ever the same and that keeps me motivated to keep creating. Fundamentally, your wedding is a celebration of who you are as a couple, so it should be filled with everything that makes you, you! Because of this I strive to create designs that are truly unique and reflect my couple into paper.

What advice can you give to couples who are on the fence about finding someone to create their wedding invites/stationery?

I think you need to click with your stationer and they need to understand you and the look you’re going for. Remember your save the dates and invites are the first things your guests see, so it’s the perfect opportunity to make a big first impression and give them a little taste of what’s to come. On the day stationery brings your wedding day to life, adding colour and style to your venue and is usually the cheapest way of doing so.

Lastly, we bonded over great cocktails and good food, how valuable has networking with other suppliers been for your business?

Totally invaluable, meeting with like-minded wedding industry suppliers is a must. They totally understand what you’re going through, the highs and lows of everything and I’m able to ask and share advice. The wedding industry community is full of some amazing and inspiring people and I’m so lucky to call some of them friends now.

Head to Louise’s website to check out more of her work in detail.

8 Ways to Celebrate your Original Wedding Date

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Are you stuck for ways on how to celebrate your original wedding date? Okay, first things first, repeat after me.. FUCK YOU COVID 19.

I just want to get that off our chest before we delve deeper into this post.. does that feel better? Good, now let’s get on to the good stuff.

If you are reading this, you may have had to postpone your wedding because of the pandemic. In the meantime you find your original wedding date looming, do you feel a sense of sadness or dread? Its okay, we have got you covered.

You have every right to celebrate your original wedding date. Here are some tips below on how you could do this, do what’s right for you guys!



Start the day as you would if it was your wedding day. Breakfast in bed together. We usually live in a society were we live 100 miles per hour, use this morning to relax, eat good food and exchange personal hand written letters (you could even contain a few sneak peeks of your vows!).



Why the hell not! Today is all about you two. If you want to dress up and have your cat/dog as the celebrant whilst you exchange vows, go for it!


This one gives you both options depending on weather and if you have your own private outdoor space. Go all out on this one, I’m talking an indoor den with fairy lights, all the snacks and pillows. Or that classic wicker picnic basket filled with good food, relaxing in the sun with glasses filled to the brim!


Get dressed up and find a location in your house where you can have some cute couples photo’s taken. This will give you great practice leading up to your actual weddings photo and will add to the memories on the lead up to your day.


Crack open a bottle of bubbly and get your quiz hats on! For Instance, you could really shake it up and create a quiz about your relationship, see which members of the party really know you best. Prizes, the winner gets the biggest slice of cake on the big day!


If you simply find the idea of celebrating a bit too much, then its simple. Get in your comfies, switch on Netflix and eat all of the food.



Baking is so therapeutic, also you get a reward at the end, you get to eat the yummy treats you cooked together. You could really go all out and make a ginger bread wedding ceremony.. if any of you do this please show me the photos!


Create a bucket list of the things you want to achieve together after you tie the knot. Because this will give you both something to look forward to after all the wedding planing is done.

If you try any of these ideas I would love to see, feel free to tag me on instagram – @jessicalilyphotography. 

How to find a Wedding Photographer

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How to find the right wedding photographer..

It can feel like a difficult balance over a tight rope! Finding your photographer doesn’t need to be a harrowing task.

There are so many great and reputable photographers within the industry. All having differing concepts and styles to offer to you.

These are the things you should mainly consider when choosing a photographer:

Make sure you are both on the same vibe:

You will be spending most of your day being followed by your photographer with a camera, this is probably something you are not used to right?

However, trust me you will feel more comfortable building a relationship with your chosen photographer on the lead up to your day!
I always like to meet my couples for Coffee If they are local, or FaceTime in the lead up to their day.
This just relays the message that they know where I am if they need any support during the planning process.

Do they offer an engagement shoot?

Also, an engagement shoot is also a good way to get comfortable in front of the camera. Therefore, allowing your photographer to understand your style and vision. Your wedding photos will be more natural and you will be more at ease come the big day.

Decide on the right style:

For most couples, you will have some sort of idea over what style you want to compliment your day. For instance, some people like traditional style photos due to the fact these are usually more timeless, but on the other side they can feel staged. Alternatively, you may prefer reportage photography, also known as photojournalistic or documentary Wedding photography. This style is all about reactions and emotions, to tell the real story of your day. There are many photographers out there that offer so many ways of capturing your day. Either way most photographers will pitch there style to you and how they can integrate that into your day.

wedding portraits at Brighton seaside

surrey wedding photographer 1 1                          

Browse the photographers portfolios:

All photographers will have an up to date portfolio on there website or would be able to send a brochure to you, showcasing there style, creativity and how they manage to photograph there couples perfect day. Look through all of these in detail. Since any photographer would want you do this anyway! They will also have testimonials available for you to see as well. This will definitely one of the options to consider if you are stuck on how to find a wedding photographer.

Bride and Groom kissing at Mythe Barn

Documentary Wedding Photographer In Brighton


Make sure you do your research:

There are many great photographers out there. Collectively there style and portfolio of their work should be enough to allow you to choose who you would be up to the job. However personality is still key, since you want to make sure you have a great dialogue with the people In charge of capturing these specials moments.

So you feel far more relaxed with someone you know and trust. Coverage time is also something you need to check, since some photographers only cover part of the day and may charge for any other additional time requested. Additionally, you can check if they have been featured in any Wedding blogs or publications. This allows you to see what other industry professionals have to say about their work.

Bride holding a bouquet

farnhamcastleweddingphotographer 201


When it comes to budget the best thing to do is budget on what you can legitimately spend, since most weddings will have some sort of budget to adhere to. Just remember that your wedding photos are for life.

Whoever will capture your day, will do the upmost to ensure that they create memories that you can cherish forever. That you will be able to look back at any monument and remember that special day.

Questions to ask to find the perfect match!

So, I hear you ask, what questions can I ask to help find the perfect match? I have got you covered. The below questions should get you onto the right track on identifying the perfect wedding photographer for you.

1. What time do you start and finish photographing my wedding?
2. Do you offer engagement shoots?
3. Can we speak with you on the lead up to our day?
4. Do you have any recommended suppliers? (Florist, make up artist etc)

Documentary Wedding Photographer

How to Plan a Wedding Your Way!

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IMG 1240

 How to plan a wedding.

It’s simple. Your wedding day is one of the most anticipated moments of your life.

Your day reflects and celebrates you. With everything currently going on, there’s still a large number of couples who are continuing to plan their wedding days.

However, even those who have sadly had to put their planning on pause, the time will come.

People are still getting engaged  and are still madly in love, in the light of everything.

Love conquers all.

I had the pleasure of interviewing my favourite sisters within the game, Sarah & Jo at Ever After Weddings.

They know how to throw a celebration and in this post we are going to uncover all their tips, tricks and secrets on how to style/plan your day.

 Five minutes with Ever After Weddings 

Starting off with a little bit of fun! Tell me one fun fact about each of you!

Sarah: I have been obsessed with Halloween for as long as I can remember, so much so, it’s now also my wedding anniversary!

Jo: Two of my biggest loves are Mini Eggs and Pina Coladas. Not necessarily at the same time, although now that I think about it…  

 How were you ladies inspired to become wedding stylists?

Sarah: We’ve always loved a good cause for celebration and after years of playing party host, we decided we wanted to spend our days creating big birthdays and the like.

But it wasn’t until I [Sarah] got married, that we began to talk about weddings. 

The whole wedding planning process fascinated us, and I remember feeling completely overwhelmed and totally clueless.

It was at that point, after a long chat at the kitchen table, that we decided if we were going to create weddings,we’d make beautiful, personal and as stress-free as possible. 

The rest is history…

What advice would you give to couples who are planning a wedding and don’t know where to start?

Both: It’s really easy to get over excited, but before you even think about trying on a wedding dress, take a step back.

Imagine the style of your perfect Wedding Day – like, it is out in the countryside, or down by the beach? 

Sit down together and discuss key points such as size, season, home or away. Once you have these essentials agreed, you’re perfectly poised to start being inspired and get a better idea of what you do (and don’t) like. 

 What wedding trends are you loving at the moment?

Both: We’re totally crushing on spray painted stems – bringing bright bursts of unnatural colour and creating a modern, statement style. If you ask us, this trend is ah-ma-zing!

Not only does this trend add heaps of gorgeous texture to floral design, it allows you to conjure up dream-like colour combinations for arrangements and bouquets. Just imagine, neon, pastels or magical metallics… *swoon*

A wedding ultimately represents the couple, what tips would you give to help a bride and groom personalise their day?

OK first things first – there are a couple of things we’re going to cover off… 

  1. You should definitely add personalised touches to your wedding day. It’s your day after all. 
  2. Just because you’re adding a little personalisation to your day, it doesn’t mean it’ll take over. 

We’re often finding ourselves highlighting these points to the couples that we meet as they’re often considering leaving these little touches out completely, or they’re worried it’ll come across as “too much”, and this needn’t be the case. 

Adding personalisation

It can be as simple as travel inspired table names and a favourite tipple during your drinks reception; or a decorative showstopper with floral filled wellie boots and a bike full of blooms to bring to life your love of the outdoors.

The possibilities are endless, and whatever personal element you decide to include and/or bring to life, it’ll only ever make your day feel more like you. 

What should couples avoid when planning their wedding day? 

Planning your wedding can be a total rollercoaster of emotions and there’s bound to be something that’s going to keep you awake at night but, it’s important not to sweat the small stuff. 

When friends and family tell you that on the day, neither you nor your guests are going to worry about.

Let alone notice some of those things that have left you with those sleepless nights – take a moment to listen to them. 

Grab a little perspective, remind yourself of the bigger picture, and remember that all you really need is:  
  1. To be surrounded by your loved ones 
  2. Enjoying good food and drink 
  3. Having everyone on the dancefloor 
  4. And to go home at the end of the night with some of the best memories you’ll ever make

So, please take it from us – don’t sweat the small stuff.

We are heading into summer which means beautiful colours and bright blooms! Any advice for colour schemes that are going to be popular for couples to consider? 

We’re coming at you with two of our fave seasonal schemes for this one because, we just couldn’t pick one! 

Modern Tropic

The warmth of summer calls for playful colour.

Sure, orange isn’t your number one choice, but with soft pink and sunny yellow, it’s hard to resist this tropical inspired palette.

Something Blue

Whether it’s pale, dusty, or antique, blue is creating picture-perfect palettes this summer. 

Paired with peaches, creams or sweet blush, blue brings these colourways together with an elegant softness that’s complimentary to a number of wedding day styles such as rustic and bohemian, traditional and classic. 

For brides and grooms reading this now, is there anything else you want to add that may be useful when planning how they style their day?

Our number one tip for those getting married is work with wedding suppliers that you like!

Personality and trust are important.

Especially when planning your special day, so recruit people that are passionate to understand your vision.

Yes, it sounds silly, but working with people that you enjoy speaking with will make all the difference to your planning experience. You will feel much more relaxed on the day.

If you want to check out they work head to www.everafterevents.co.uk !

A Groom’s stress free guide to Wedding Planing.

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Daunting isn’t it?

Dorset wedding groom prep

After your many attempts of trying to propose in the right moment and setting, she finally said YES! But let’s be honest most of our other half’s would of said yes, even if you decided to propose
In a more public setting, or in your favourite hang out spot!When things like this happen you start realise the finer details for a Wedding don’t matter, or do they?

Don’t think you can get away lightly after that perfect proposal!
That you will only be deputising yourself into only organising the wedding favours for your fellow grooms men and choosing the wedding cars!

And on the subject of cars, my personal taste for weddings is a classic British number! Don’t bother with a Ferrari or your mates Audi! Anyone can drive those generic things! Think creative, think awesome!

So this lands me to the point I’m making. It’s so important to have an input to your big day guys! It’s about both of you! You’re both getting married after all!

One of the biggest mistakes I made was not getting involved enough with the finer details. Being in the wedding industry and having the opportunity to be part of people’s special days has opened my eyes wide open.

There was so many things I could of done differently, if I just spent a bit more time thinking out of the box, instead of following normal wedding etiquette!

So these are things I think you should consider inputting to your wedding and how you can help your lovely bride! Since after all you now have a one way ticket to be biggest day of your life!

Wedding theme’s

surrey wedding photographer 22

Now for most men, they wouldn’t know where to start on this one, let alone wanting to stamp on the brides feet. Due to fact most brides have already come up with the theme, Pinterest account, flow theme, inspiration board, WhatsApp group and having been talking about it since there were eleven years of age!

Needless to say your Star Wars themed wedding will probably be chucked out the window, and you won’t be able to dress your best man Rob as Chewbacca or the rest of the lads as storm Troopers.

So yes level compromise is a must! But this doesn’t mean both influences can’t integrate! What it comes down to is the little details. In the wedding game these days, you can almost anything bespoke to you and your bride.

Yes it will cost more money. But how cool would it be if you got the grooms those storm trooper pint glasses or personalise those cuff links, handkerchiefs, shoes, I’ve even seen grooms men have they’re own beer brewed for them! You can see probably see the angle I’m taking with this one!

It’s all about having both your personality’s reflected in the day. Since this a celebration of both you. Don’t hold back, just pass it by the other half though just to make sure.


Couple getting married in Surrey UK

Outfits for many Grooms men is a difficult one. For most men. They would only would of bought suits for work or a certain occasion. I always say to most grooms men, you’re only going to wear this suit once. Unless you want to wear your wedding suit to work go for it!

That doesn’t mean it has to be something Too Jazzy like an orange tuxedo or all white which is just weird really. It’s more about the finer details. Think about the season your getting married in, location, temperature, colour scheme. Put these in consideration and you shouldn’t go wrong!

Think more about pattern, design and textures of the suit, and how you can integrate that into the finer details, what shoes you wearing, what cufflinks you want, how can you personalise those details, do they reflect your personality? How would you look along side your bride and your grooms party?

You want to accessorise accordingly, just don’t look like Del Boy or a hooky Jewellery dealer. Unless that’s your bag then go for it! Go nuts!

Wedding cars

Wedding cars is an interesting one. For most people they usually get this right. However, There are always those exceptions out there! First things first.

Most brides that are usually near to the wedding venue or are staying in a hotel. Won’t usually bother with a wedding car. This is because it’s near and they’ll just grab a lift with the parents or the bridal party! Don’t do it!

Remember this is her awesome day too! Even if you don’t tell her book that wedding car even if it is a short journey! Every element of the day should be special and she would love it trust me.

It’s just adds to the whole theme of that day! So don’t worry about borrowing your mate’s Base specification German car or the works passenger van! Think cool but tasteful.

There loads of options out there from desirable classics, eccentric vehicles, even horse and cart if she’s digs it! Prices are competitive too even for short usage so shop around! You won’t regret it and she’ll love it!


Couple getting married at Treehouse Point Seattle

I can go on about this forever but I follow by this simple rule. Don’t follow normal wedding etiquette on this one! Don’t bother with the silly one liners and best man jokes. Be tactical and use your sense of humour tastefully and it doesn’t have to be a life story. Everyone there knows and already loves you! Just remember that! Push yourself out of comfort zone and not only surprise your new wife, surprise everyone else in the room!


Couple getting married in Surrey UK

This is one area in my own wedding I deeply regret not paying enough attention to. After being to so many weddings now. I cannot emphasise the importance of this. Now before I go any further, this doesn’t mean you have to splash out. Just think what you can in the day and how the incorporates to your theme!

In terms of entertainment in the day, you can have anything from bands playing your favourite tunes to an acoustic solo set, classic pianist, jazz group. The list is endless.

I would also try to surprise your guests and your new
Bride on the big day by some surprise entertainment. Think singing waiters, surprise performances, even give you and the grooms party a go at a Take That song, may be skip that last one! Unless you were once actively part of a nineties pop band!

Think carefully how you can engage with everyone on the day, since this will most certainly help new members of each family integrate and rejoice in the occasion.

Don’t miss out on your big day, be a part of it as much as you’re bride, and she will love you for it!

For more inspiration head to the galleries to see what previous Grooms did for their day!

Farnham Castle – Farnham Bridal Shoot

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The Venue – Farnham Castle

Farnham Castle, situated in the small quaint town of Farnham. The town also contains some incredible talent within the wedding industry.

I had the opportunity to shoot for Farnham Bridal Boutique who provide bespoke, handmade designs to suit brides of all shapes and sizes.

The castle is on a hill (excuse the Ed Sheeran reference) and its pretty magical, in addition to this we had free reign to shoot around the grounds and capture some pure gold. In addition, it has a real French style to it, yellow walls, climbing shrubs, huge stain glass windows and It still holds its original cobbled features.

Dresses – Farnham Bridal Boutique

We worked with a number of different designs, from sleek satin gowns, to intricate lace therefore, as a result each
garment told a story. I wanted to ensure every location and dress was different, so we had the
opportunity to shoot a varied amount of looks for each dress.

Make up – Melissa Oldridge

Hair and Makeup was created by the wonderfully talented Melissa Oldridge. Using subtle tones and
nudes to keep the look natural and fresh. For instance, it was dramatic enough to be picked up on
camera. Meanwhile, I spent most of my morning swooning over her impressive kit. Armed with Charlotte Tilbury
pallets, every single lip colour you could imagine and glorious smelling hair spray.

Videography – Joe Morely

My videographer partner in crime Joe was present, tasked with creating a whimsical, romantic styled
video he really did deliver on the concept given to him. It’s always fun working with Joe. Most importantly, we bounce
off each other creatively and always strive to achieve something out of the ordinary, using different angles and approaches to our content.

I hope you enjoy looking through the gallery, a lot of time and effort went into these images. It was amazing to get the opportunity to work with Farnham Bridal again and In conclusion, I can honestly say I am so proud of what we all achieved.


A massive thank you to the following:

Farnham Castle

Farnham Bridal Boutique

Melissa Oldridge

Fuchsia Flowers

Joe Morely

Intimate Wedding Ceremony Inspiration.

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Looking for Intimate Wedding Ceremony Inspiration? This blog post is full of creative ideas that will not break the bank.

Why do photographers do Styled Shoot?

It’s Important for wedding photographers to continue practising their skills, even in their quiet periods.

I organise around four styled shoots each year, it’s an opportunity to explore with new trends coming in the industry.

We were curious to explore what would happen when you mix 80’s glam with industrial vibes.

The team assembled and we headed to the breezy cost of Brighton, Copper Dollar Studio’s provided us with the space to host our shoot, a perfect industrial space.

Intimate Wedding Ceremony – The Concept

The concept of the shoot was a simple elopement with four friends, a bride, groom, babe of honour and best man.

Using a small industrial space to create a beautiful backdrop for a ceremony, couples photos and group shots.

I want to show that brides on a budget can still look so gorgeous. For example, the brides dress was recycled.

The gorgeous florals and styling were provided by the outstanding Two Little Birds.

Myself and Lynsey work together on most of my styled shoots, she is real partner in crime and somebody who is storming their way through the industry.

In addition her eye for colour, detail and the ability to transform a space into something remarkable is a real talent in itself. 

In Conclusion the shoot was a success. We hope you enjoy the images and even if you can take any form of inspiration away from it then it was well worth it!

For further inspiration check out my other Shoots

Suppliers AKA The Dream Team


Styling, props and flowers – https://www.twolittlebirdsweddings.com

Photographers –http://www.jessicalilyphotography.com

Videographer – http://joemorleyphotocinema.co.uk

Venue –  https://copperdollarstudios.co.uk\

Shoes – https://www.miumiu.com/gb/en.html

Dress – Borrowed/Second hand bridal 

Grooms suit – Borrowed/ Second hand and made bespoke 

Accessories –  https://www.theluckysixpence.co.uk

Stationery – https://www.loupaper.co.uk

Alternative Weddings – Neon meets Autumn.

27th October 2019 / Uncategorized

Planning an Alternative Wedding? This blog post is designed to give you the alternative style inspiration with a mix of Neon detail to add the wow factor!

The Concept

Myself and a team of incredible talent within the industry gathered together on a wet, also miserable Sunday to create a magical example of alternative weddings.

Our styled shoot demonstrates community over competition. In addition to Girl Power!

We liken ourselves to the avengers, when we assemble we bring creative chaos to the space that we are working with.

The brief behind the shoot was to focus on all things Neon and Alternative weddings.

Mixed with the gorgeous colours of Autumn because who doesn’t love Autumnal hues?! Whilst the focus was on the models we aimed to create the scene of an after party.

The Suppliers

Two Little Birds worked on the styling, as well as providing props, flowers and an eye for all things rock and roll.

Lynsey worked with me on the English Boho click here to check it out. 

Make up was inspired by Alternative Burlesque it was especially important to depict this through hair and make up and Viktoria did that. 

Heidi provided a stunning crown, which was an important feature to the shoot.

It included moons & stars giving a nod to how beautiful astrology is.

Sarah created a black cake covered in gold glitter and autumnal flowers, the cake was place in the middle of the table, as a result it became a powerful centre piece.

Enjoy scrolling through and let us know your feedback!


Photography – Jessica Lily Photography

Styling, flowers and props –  Two Little Birds

Mobile Bar and Glassware  – Near and Far Mobile Bar

Make up and Hair – Viktoria Kohl

Dresses – Debbie Rees Bridal

Dress Designer – Justin Alexander

Crown – Glorious by Heidi

Coordinator – Chloe Jordan Weddings & Events

Cake – Avant Garde Cake Studio

Stationery – Wonderland Invites

Bridal Leather Jacket – Bee Davies Illustration

 Models – Lissie, Matt & Eilidh


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