How to find a Wedding Photographer

How to find the right wedding photographer..

It can feel like a difficult balance over a tight rope! Finding your photographer doesn’t need to be a harrowing task.

There are so many great and reputable photographers within the industry. All having differing concepts and styles to offer to you.

These are the things you should mainly consider when choosing a photographer:

Make sure you are both on the same vibe:

You will be spending most of your day being followed by your photographer with a camera, this is probably something you are not used to right?

However, trust me you will feel more comfortable building a relationship with your chosen photographer on the lead up to your day!
I always like to meet my couples for Coffee If they are local, or FaceTime in the lead up to their day.
This just relays the message that they know where I am if they need any support during the planning process.

Do they offer an engagement shoot?

Also, an engagement shoot is also a good way to get comfortable in front of the camera. Therefore, allowing your photographer to understand your style and vision. Your wedding photos will be more natural and you will be more at ease come the big day.

Decide on the right style:

For most couples, you will have some sort of idea over what style you want to compliment your day. For instance, some people like traditional style photos due to the fact these are usually more timeless, but on the other side they can feel staged. Alternatively, you may prefer reportage photography, also known as photojournalistic or documentary Wedding photography. This style is all about reactions and emotions, to tell the real story of your day. There are many photographers out there that offer so many ways of capturing your day. Either way most photographers will pitch there style to you and how they can integrate that into your day.

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Browse the photographers portfolios:

All photographers will have an up to date portfolio on there website or would be able to send a brochure to you, showcasing there style, creativity and how they manage to photograph there couples perfect day. Look through all of these in detail. Since any photographer would want you do this anyway! They will also have testimonials available for you to see as well. This will definitely one of the options to consider if you are stuck on how to find a wedding photographer.

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Make sure you do your research:

There are many great photographers out there. Collectively there style and portfolio of their work should be enough to allow you to choose who you would be up to the job. However personality is still key, since you want to make sure you have a great dialogue with the people In charge of capturing these specials moments.

So you feel far more relaxed with someone you know and trust. Coverage time is also something you need to check, since some photographers only cover part of the day and may charge for any other additional time requested. Additionally, you can check if they have been featured in any Wedding blogs or publications. This allows you to see what other industry professionals have to say about their work.

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When it comes to budget the best thing to do is budget on what you can legitimately spend, since most weddings will have some sort of budget to adhere to. Just remember that your wedding photos are for life.

Whoever will capture your day, will do the upmost to ensure that they create memories that you can cherish forever. That you will be able to look back at any monument and remember that special day.

Questions to ask to find the perfect match!

So, I hear you ask, what questions can I ask to help find the perfect match? I have got you covered. The below questions should get you onto the right track on identifying the perfect wedding photographer for you.

1. What time do you start and finish photographing my wedding?
2. Do you offer engagement shoots?
3. Can we speak with you on the lead up to our day?
4. Do you have any recommended suppliers? (Florist, make up artist etc)

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