How to Plan a Wedding Your Way!

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 How to plan a wedding.

It’s simple. Your wedding day is one of the most anticipated moments of your life.

Your day reflects and celebrates you. With everything currently going on, there’s still a large number of couples who are continuing to plan their wedding days.

However, even those who have sadly had to put their planning on pause, the time will come.

People are still getting engaged  and are still madly in love, in the light of everything.

Love conquers all.

I had the pleasure of interviewing my favourite sisters within the game, Sarah & Jo at Ever After Weddings.

They know how to throw a celebration and in this post we are going to uncover all their tips, tricks and secrets on how to style/plan your day.

 Five minutes with Ever After Weddings 

Starting off with a little bit of fun! Tell me one fun fact about each of you!

Sarah: I have been obsessed with Halloween for as long as I can remember, so much so, it’s now also my wedding anniversary!

Jo: Two of my biggest loves are Mini Eggs and Pina Coladas. Not necessarily at the same time, although now that I think about it…  

 How were you ladies inspired to become wedding stylists?

Sarah: We’ve always loved a good cause for celebration and after years of playing party host, we decided we wanted to spend our days creating big birthdays and the like.

But it wasn’t until I [Sarah] got married, that we began to talk about weddings. 

The whole wedding planning process fascinated us, and I remember feeling completely overwhelmed and totally clueless.

It was at that point, after a long chat at the kitchen table, that we decided if we were going to create weddings,we’d make beautiful, personal and as stress-free as possible. 

The rest is history…

What advice would you give to couples who are planning a wedding and don’t know where to start?

Both: It’s really easy to get over excited, but before you even think about trying on a wedding dress, take a step back.

Imagine the style of your perfect Wedding Day – like, it is out in the countryside, or down by the beach? 

Sit down together and discuss key points such as size, season, home or away. Once you have these essentials agreed, you’re perfectly poised to start being inspired and get a better idea of what you do (and don’t) like. 

 What wedding trends are you loving at the moment?

Both: We’re totally crushing on spray painted stems – bringing bright bursts of unnatural colour and creating a modern, statement style. If you ask us, this trend is ah-ma-zing!

Not only does this trend add heaps of gorgeous texture to floral design, it allows you to conjure up dream-like colour combinations for arrangements and bouquets. Just imagine, neon, pastels or magical metallics… *swoon*

A wedding ultimately represents the couple, what tips would you give to help a bride and groom personalise their day?

OK first things first – there are a couple of things we’re going to cover off… 

  1. You should definitely add personalised touches to your wedding day. It’s your day after all. 
  2. Just because you’re adding a little personalisation to your day, it doesn’t mean it’ll take over. 

We’re often finding ourselves highlighting these points to the couples that we meet as they’re often considering leaving these little touches out completely, or they’re worried it’ll come across as “too much”, and this needn’t be the case. 

Adding personalisation

It can be as simple as travel inspired table names and a favourite tipple during your drinks reception; or a decorative showstopper with floral filled wellie boots and a bike full of blooms to bring to life your love of the outdoors.

The possibilities are endless, and whatever personal element you decide to include and/or bring to life, it’ll only ever make your day feel more like you. 

What should couples avoid when planning their wedding day? 

Planning your wedding can be a total rollercoaster of emotions and there’s bound to be something that’s going to keep you awake at night but, it’s important not to sweat the small stuff. 

When friends and family tell you that on the day, neither you nor your guests are going to worry about.

Let alone notice some of those things that have left you with those sleepless nights – take a moment to listen to them. 

Grab a little perspective, remind yourself of the bigger picture, and remember that all you really need is:  
  1. To be surrounded by your loved ones 
  2. Enjoying good food and drink 
  3. Having everyone on the dancefloor 
  4. And to go home at the end of the night with some of the best memories you’ll ever make

So, please take it from us – don’t sweat the small stuff.

We are heading into summer which means beautiful colours and bright blooms! Any advice for colour schemes that are going to be popular for couples to consider? 

We’re coming at you with two of our fave seasonal schemes for this one because, we just couldn’t pick one! 

Modern Tropic

The warmth of summer calls for playful colour.

Sure, orange isn’t your number one choice, but with soft pink and sunny yellow, it’s hard to resist this tropical inspired palette.

Something Blue

Whether it’s pale, dusty, or antique, blue is creating picture-perfect palettes this summer. 

Paired with peaches, creams or sweet blush, blue brings these colourways together with an elegant softness that’s complimentary to a number of wedding day styles such as rustic and bohemian, traditional and classic. 

For brides and grooms reading this now, is there anything else you want to add that may be useful when planning how they style their day?

Our number one tip for those getting married is work with wedding suppliers that you like!

Personality and trust are important.

Especially when planning your special day, so recruit people that are passionate to understand your vision.

Yes, it sounds silly, but working with people that you enjoy speaking with will make all the difference to your planning experience. You will feel much more relaxed on the day.

If you want to check out they work head to www.everafterevents.co.uk !