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How to keep creative as a Photographer in Lockdown


Keeping creative as a Photographer in Lockdown..

It’s tough, but not impossible!

Things are hard right now. You’re stuck between the four walls of your own home, you’ve made banana bread six times, you’re up to date on your life admin and your house is so clean it would make the likes of Mr Muscle cry in disbelief!

But the creative side of our brain is also being put under huge strain, we’re still so limited to what we can do. Your not going to get much artistic influence whilst in a queue to buy food or going to work, but only if it’s safe to do so, and only on a Tuesday when it’s seventeen degrees outside with a north westerly wind. *Cheers Boris*.

As a photographer I’ve been trying to do so many things to feed my artistic flare, taking photos of all sorts, from doing self portraits to taking photos of products for small businesses in the comfort of my own home.

But then I came across something, which has been so enjoyable for me, if anything I wish I started it earlier, and I get to meet new people besides just talking to the cat all day!

FaceTime photo shoots

For the past weeks I’ve been doing FaceTime shoots with people from the comfort of there own home. Using a number of different influences, clothing and backgrounds. My inspiration came from the wonderful Tim Dunk! It has been so enjoyable, the ideas coming through for new clients have been endless, it has definitely released some of the tension of everyday life. Whilst being able to still something to people in this very odd time.

£5 to for each virtual shoot is going to the domestic violence charity IDAS. So far it has been an amazing experience photographing people virtually, different of course, but it’s been a joy!

Things to bear in mind if you are doing a FaceTime Photoshoot
  • You both must have good wifi connection
  • Make sure there is plenty of good light
  • The images will be grainy, theres no avoiding this! Adds to the feel of the photos though!
  • Remember its hard for people to feel comfortable infront of the camera at the best of times, virtually is no different, so keep your client at ease, maybe include a cuppa and natter throughout!
  • Everything is mirrored which can be difficult when asking people to move slightly left or right!
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