Group photos, YES OR NO?

Group photos, here’s the thing they really do not have to replicate the awkward school photo.

Group photos should be used to relive fond memories so why make them un-natural.
Formal group shots can still be full of emotion and fun.
Your photos are a heirloom which can be passed down your family in generations to come.

When the Bridal parties and Groomsmen let their hair down and have fun in front of the camera you can create some real gold.
Your wedding day is supposed to portray your life and how you are as a couple, being your authentic self in these photos are so important.

Perfect example, Josh and Molly’s photos were full of sass, banter and fun:
Molly & Josh Wedding

Or to seem ore from Charlotte and Camerons Seattle wedding:

Looking for inspiration for your Wedding party group shots? Look no further!