The perks of a Micro Wedding.

25th January 2021

It’s time to finally admit, the Micro Wedding will be here to stay for the foreseeable. The one big positive out of COVID-19 is that it birthed the boom of Intimate Micro Weddings. You know what? I am here for it, I love them!!

Micro Weddings are really quite wonderful. I get it, you’re probably reading this feeling deflated and to put it bluntly, completely shit. You may be in the process of replanning your wedding for the second or even fourth time. So, you’ve landed here. Does this mean you are considering going Micro? Let me show you why they are EPIC!

1. Say goodbye to inviting guests that you feel you had to invite.

You’re parents want their best friends, mothers, uncles nephew to come.Grab your pen and cross through that name with no regrets. I admit, this sounds super harsh, however you are planning a micro wedding during a pandemic, its not technically your fault!
A Micro wedding allows you to scale down massively. Inviting those only close to you.
Therefore, less people to please!

2. Intimate.

You will actually have time to go round and speak to each one of your guests, without feeling overwhelmed!

3. It’s Eco Friendly.

Oh Planet Earth is giving you a huge standing ovation. Less guests means less waste being produced. Bonus, this means there will be less to clear away come the end of the day/night.

4. The money you were going to use to feed the rest of the guests? Spend It on the details!

Use the money you have saved to spend on the decor, flowers and just turning the space into something completely different! Do it, you both deserve It.

5. There is no rush on the day

You will be more flexible with timings on the day as you have a smaller group of people to entertain. This means more beautiful couples photos and more time to take photos with your guests, without rushing through them like a Aldi shopping conveyor belt.

I promise you, small weddings are just as special. Whilst we want the big party times are changing and small is becoming more desireable. Remember, who says you can’t still have the big party in the near future!