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Community over competition. This is a term that gets thrown around a lot isn’t it?

It is a term I am extremely fond of.

Gone are the times of being the lone wolf photographer, out for yourself and not sharing your referrals and knowledge.

More and more people in the industry are coming together, to collaborate, refer weddings and offer support.

It’s a no brainer, we ride the same storm. Sometimes being your own cheerleader isn’t enough.

I sat down (virtually) with the wonderful Pierra G Photography, our conversations mainly consist of what we had for dinner and the odd wacky Tik tok or meme!

Although, we decided to sit down and interview each other on how building relationships with other togs has grown our business.

If you could sum up community over competition what would you say?

I would personally say that no one should see anyone as a threat or competition, there are so many weddings happening and so much work for everyone.

Each photographer offers something completely different to a client. I think it’s very easy to get stuck with comparing yourself to others and over analysing your work and this results in jealously.

Everyone just needs to concentrate on there brand and not worry too much on how someone else is doing!

I would also say reach out to other photographers if you are feeling lost because the community is so so helpful and most of us are just looking out for each other.

How do you keep yourself inspired?

I feel it’s super important to keep yourself up to date with trends.

Especially in the wedding industry, I spend a lot of time on such places as Instagram & Pinterest and engaging with other wedding suppliers.

When organising styled shoots it’s great to also get others ideas and this certainly keeps me inspired.

I always want to produce something better each time,  I spend a lot of time reflecting on my work and seeing how I can move forward to keep things fresh and exciting.

Pierra G Photography

Being a self employed lone wolf can get quite lonely, how do you keep yourself motivated?

Being a self employed photographer can get quite lonely.

I try to make sure every day I do at-least one to two things on my list, I also focus a lot on the up and coming events, this helps me stay motivated and on track with the months.

Talking to others in the wedding industry can help as well. Friendships you make on social media are also great, as no matter what time of day it is I usually have someone I’m nattering to on Instagram!

We bonded over monster munch and for our love of all of the snacks. How beneficial have you found it being connected with people in the industry?

Oh 100 per cent, I’ve found this one of the most amazing parts of the job! I find it fascinating talking to other photographers as they understand the highs and lows of this job! It’s also lovely to get advice if you’re feeling a bit unsure on something. This sums up community over competition.

Name three people that influence you?

One of my biggest influencers is my dad – he’s worked so hard all his life and he’s taught me that you need to go out there a work for what you want. Because, being brought up by someone so work driven has really helped me.
I work really closely with a videographer called russell, he influences me a lot as he himself is really driven and never stops. Russell has taught me a lot about how to show your brand in the right way. He constantly pushes me to be the best I can be!

My 3rd biggest influence is a photographer called Taylor Jackson.

I’ve been following Taylor since I started and I never went to uni to study photography. I pretty much picked it all up from YouTube!

Taylor dominates the wedding industry in Canada and he is such a humble guy! Something I personally feel is super important.

To finish.. what if you had to eat one snack forever what would it be!

Omg! This is so hard because I live for snacks! But, I would say…. children’s yoghurts you know the ones you get with the cartoon characters on? I’m 29 but honestly I’m not ready to give them up!

So, what are your thoughts on Community over Competition?

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